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Products I Love

"Where did you get that top?" "What's your favorite post-workout snack?"

When I find brands and products that enhance my life in some way, I like to share them with my friends in the hopes that they will enjoy them just as much as I do. 

Here's a running list of a few of my favorites. Check 'em out; some even have discount codes for you to use! Be sure to let me know what you think!

Photo Jun 30, 2 26 16 PM.jpg

People often ask me what my favorite brand of workout attire is and it's actually my favorite brand of clothing overall: Barbell Apparel.

I used to host Instagram Live yoga classes for the brand and produce weekly Reels as a Barbell Gym Coach and today, I am currently still an ambassador for the brand. 

The brand got their start on Shark Tank with their jeans that are made for athletic bodies and they've since grown to carry full lines of fitness apparel. And their women's stuff is fantastic, especially their new "Structure" line. The leggings and bras are both supportive and comfortable. They feel buttery smooth, stay put, and also look just amazing as they perform. But don't just take my word for it.

Try them for yourself!

Barbell Gym Barbell Apparel.png
Caitlin Moyer Barbell Apparel

A quick shoutout to two of my favorite

nutrition-based brands.

First, from bars and cookies to chips and pizza, Quest Nutrition has healthy, high-protein snack options to help me get through the day. Super easy to consume on the go, they offer an amazing variety of flavors and they are all delicious!

Pedialyte is NOT just for babies. Formulated with 5 key electrolytes to promote fast rehydration and muscle support, Pedialyte Sport prevents dehydration and helps athletes rehydrate and recover quickly.

Meridian Putters Logo.PNG

Meridian is a new golf equipment manufacturer specializing in affordable custom-made milled putters. The company is based in my home state of Wisconsin and its products are made in the USA.

I just love the quality and craftsmanship of their putters and went through a fitting process with a local pro to get mine adjusted just right. They were able to add in custom text and designs on top of that. The putter is the only club you'll use on every hole (unless you get a hole in one or chip in) so it's important that you are comfortable with yours. I love my new Meridian Putter and can't wait to see how my game improves this summer as a result!

Click here to learn more about the brand. 

Meridian Putter Moyer.jpg
irange sports.jpg
Irange Sports Logo.jpg

As a content creator, I am always looking for products that make the process easier, whether that's a new camera, editing app, or, in this case, an innovative new tripod system from @iRangeSports.

I first became aware of the brand after seeing a PGA TOUR player use their iRange Sports stick on the range. Instead of carrying around a tripod that you have to constantly adjust, the iRange is one stick with a stake on the end that you can conveniently stick in the ground to film your golf swing. It fits easily in your golf bag and uses a magnet system for easy on, easy off access to your phone.

Shown here is one of their newer products, the iRange Mini, which uses the same magnet system. This one can be used as a  handheld device, or with legs that fold into a mini tripod, or with a clamp that attaches to your golf cart, or anywhere else you need it to. 


One of the challenges for golf as a sport is the length of time it takes to play--and the amount of time you have to maintain your energy and concentration. 

Enter Go Low Shot, a nutritional supplement that helps sharpen your focus and calm any jitters on the tee. 

And, with zero sugar, all natural ingredients and only 5 calories, you're not sacrificing your health for your score. Take one shot of this "Birdie Juice" 20 minutes before your round and the next shots you make will be more intentional and you'll be more relaxed and able to enjoy the round, the company and the great outdoors.

Visit this link now to get two bottles free and

try it for yourself!

Photo Jun 26, 10 42 17 AM.jpg
Imagine Golf Logo.jpg

Imagine Golf is the #1 Golf App for your mental game, rated as one of the "Hottest digital tools for lower scores" by


The app is free to download and includes over 100 free lessons, including affirmations, inspiring words, relaxing sounds, stories and history -- as well as audio courses inspired by a bestselling golf book or in partnership with a PGA/LPGA Golfer, Coach or author.


As a yoga for golf instructor, I like to prepare for my rounds with both a physical and mental warm-up. At the end of my stretching routine, I will often take a few minutes to rest in Savasana while using Imagine Golf. For example, listening to the audio of 18 perfect tee shots helps me begin to visualize my next round and put me in the right mindset to go out and crush my first drive of the day.


Golfers can start a 7-day free trial to unlock all the content, then the app is $5 / month paid annually.

Moyer Imagine Golf.jpg
Photo Nov 21, 12 01 24 AM.jpg
Perfect Practice Logo.png

Perfect Practice Golf makes high-quality innovative training aids to help improve your game, specifically when it comes to putting... one of my major weaknesses, but hopefully not for long!

I've got the Perfect Practice Collegiate Edition Putting Mat (pictured here), putting gates, a putting mirror, and now, their new portable Roll-a-Putt putting mat. Check out the full review on my blog and then get one for yourself.


Save 20% with code MOYER20.

Hidrate Spark.PNG

I don't know about you, but I have a tough time drinking enough water. And as active as I am, I know that I can always drink more!

Coffee? Wine? No problem. But plain water? I don't naturally reach for it and I get so busy during the day that I forget to drink. 

Impossible with the Smart Water Bottles from HidrateSppark. They sync to an app on your phone (and integrate with other health tracker apps such as FitBit) to not only automatically measure your daily intake, but to also REMIND you when it's time to drink. 

My bottle looks so beautiful and it keeps the water cold and fresh, plus I love the reminder/reinforcement light on the bottom, which you can program to your liking. 

hidrate spark_edited.jpg
Oscar Bravo Golf.jpg
Oscar Bravo.jpg

One of my favorite golf apparel brands is Oscar Bravo Golf. They are a relatively new and up-and-coming company that specializes in t-shirts and sweatshirts that allow fans to express their love of the game through fun and cheeky "insider" messages, such as the ones seen here. 


I am always looking for ways to improve my golf game and nowadays, you hear a lot about swing speed. That's a surefire way to add distance, which can save you strokes on the course. 

There are many products on the market that can help you add MPH to your golf swing, but I chose to start my swing speed journey with RypStick. 

Use code Moyer10 to join me and save 10 percent sitewide at!


For recovery and pain management, Pso-Riteproducts are some of the best you'll find.


From the original Pso-Rite tool that provides relief to the psoas and hips, the Pso-Spine (pictured here) and their other myofascial massage products, this brand is revolutionizing self-care. 


Use my code MOYER10 on to enjoy a savings and try their  suite of products for yourself!


Cupping, but make it modern.

Adjustable dynamic suctioning, red light penetration, therapeutic heating... no flames or needles necessary.

@revomadic makes it convenient and easy to enjoy the benefits of this ancient healing method such as improving recovery, alleviating pain and knots, increasing blood flow and reducing inflammation.

Click here to learn more.

Revomadic Cupping.jpg
Let's work(out) together.
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