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Looking for a Freelance Writer?

Thank you for checking out my personal blog!

If you've come across this page while searching for samples of my other writing work, or links to my published articles, here are some helpful links for you!

In addition to being a freelance golf writer, I am a columnist for the Wisconsin State Golf Association (WSGA), so you can find links to my archive of monthly articles for Wisconsin Golfer Magazine and Wisconsin.Golf here.

As a freelance writer, I have written many pieces for a number of different entities.

As a journalist, I have written stories for news outlets and magazines; as a content writer, I have authored features for brands; as a ghostwriter, I have contributed to many articles and stories, often without my name attached.

And of course, as a communications and marketing expert, I have served as a copywriter and editor for clients, crafting press releases, website copy, radio and television scripts, speeches, advertising copy from headlines to body copy across all media (print, digital, billboards, etc.), email campaigns, newsletters, blog posts, social media copy and more.

Please click here to view samples of my work for The 3M Open, Baseball Reference, and others. If you're interested in hiring me, additional samples of my work are available upon request.

Caitlin Moyer is an experienced freelance writer. Here she is pictured with Milwaukee Brewers pitcher John Axford, interviewing him for an article.
Caitlin Moyer interviews pitcher John Axford during Spring Training

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