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Perfect Practice V5 is Here

I recently received an updated version of the Perfect Practice Putting Mat from Perfect Practice Golf.

I already have a Perfect Practice Collegiate Edition Mat which I ranked highly in a round-up of putting tools that I published last spring, as well as the compact, easily transportable Roll-a-Putt that I reviewed late last year.

Me with my Perfect Practice Collegiate Edition Putting Mat. I'm a Golden Eagle and work with the Marquette University Men's Golf team, but MU isn't currently one of the schools offered so I'm just supporting my home state!

Me with my Roll-A-Putt, my favorite Perfect Practice mat of them all.

Well, Perfect Practice is back with V5 of its best-selling putting mat and I'm honored to get to test it out for you!

The same features that I liked about the original: ball return, distance guidelines, the two cups (one regulation size and one smaller)... and now they've improved the mat itself. One of the cons I listed in my original review was the mat's tendency to curl in on itself at the end. Advanced lay-flat technology has fixed that problem on the V5 the unique Crystal Velvet TrueRoll™ surface still provides the most realistic putting practice (it's even stimp -rated!).

That's flat, for sure!

This one also comes in three sizes: compact, standard and XL.

The only thing I'd like to see improved (maybe for V6?) is that I have trouble finding a spot for something like this in my home. And, while I do appreciate that it rolls up when not in use, I think Perfect Practice could still improve the storage a little bit more, perhaps by including a pull-out drawer beneath the unit where the tracks of the ball return could be stored, and/or a place to hold a sleeve of balls so everything is ready to go.

I loaned my new mat to the Marquette University Men's Golf Team and this is how it is stored. There has to be a better way. V6-I'm looking at you!

Overall, I still love this as a solid training aid and there's nothing else quite like it on the market. It's especially beneficial if you live in a cold climate like me, giving you the ability to practice on realistic surface no matter the weather.

This product just launched today (March 11) and is available on the Perfect Practice website.

As a bonus, for writing this review, Perfect Practice is giving my followers 10% off for a limited time: Use code MOYER10 at checkout!

Once you've tried the V5, I'd be curious to know your thoughts. Drop them in the comments below. Happy putting!

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